It proven to be wrong on every physical metrics [Draft]

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It proven to be wrong on every physical metrics [Draft]

When we grew and study things step by step sometime we will be finding mathematics is simple sometime we will be thinking it is tough hell lot of time.

However Mathematics is Simple. But its applicability is not restraint at all when we take Physical Metrics & Chemistry related things. IT’S JUST BLUNT THAT WHATEVER WE DO WITH MATHEMATICS is not accurate or not even come closer to the result which we need. Or requires more divisions of Mathematics, even then required result is unachievable.

All it needs is appropriate physical constants and other related constants. Even after the result is not accurate. It requires more approximation & limiting agents and SO on.

When we say something is intact or has intact nature then we can talk about Unit One or Spin One aspects. And we can say result will be certain. But that is ideal.

Consider any physical calculations the result value which said, basically said in some Units i.e., say Joules, Farad and so on. At the fact level the unit been said will be something like kg-1m-1. That’s we can consider as context. When that itself been affected. That means the physical calculation which we made also get affected. SO it’s true that physical calculation what we made may result to some value which may not be so assertive.

For example, although we have result which is certain, we can still perform some correction to it by handling it’s context which impacts the unit of the value been calculated. Normally signal I mean electro magnetic wave is the one by which we can definitely correct context. Hence unit which we focusing for the physical calculation gets changed. I mean the context gets changed. Ultimately there it becomes an adjustment or correction happens so easily. It either may be simulated purposely in order to achieve something. Else it’s natural disaster that expected physical value never been to closer what it supposed to be. As the invention with respect astronomy is still a lot in pending. No Astronomer Capability Person able to calculate what/when/where exactly an material left in space may/can move. Although all it’s in Analytical Geometry as S, S1, S2…, a,b,c…, e…,

[To be continued…]

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